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  • Online identity theft
  • Spoof of your work, business or personality

  • The total number of followers of all fake accounts of the most powerful people are mostly always higher than the total number of followers of the real account of them. ex:- A fake bill gates account advised their followers to donate to a dam being built by the govt and people lost money. Imagine a fake president account announcing a war or inciting violence.
  • You apply for an important managerial position at a company. It is common for them to search online and try to know you better. Imagine few fake accounts created with your picture and similar name on most famous and well known social network sites and try to paint your personality with a bad brush.
  • If you are an artist or in public life then it is not uncommon that some have tried to market your work as their own.
  • If you are a programmer then usually your proof of work is spread across multiple sites like github, gitlab, your own sites, blogs, coding challenge sites, stackoverflow etc., Which of these links would you put on your resume? Why not all? Or just your ‘One Address’. It shows that it is really your work.If you are a celebrity then you might be on 1 or many social networks. You will definitely find a lot of fan or fake pages created with your picture and name. Your image gets affected by what is done on those accounts. You can easily create accounts of your own and link them all here and use it as a Digital Index Page.
  • Everyone has a public and personal life. You might want to maintain 2 different personas. One for family and another for public or related to your profession. You can easily do that here. Create different accounts here and add your social network accounts related to your professional or public life to one and your personal accounts to the other.