One ID

One address
cloudishes I doodle my daily challenges when I get time to do so...
rockmine Something spews out of my mind, a tiny portion of it ends up here. 1 of many blogs.
ambig A landing, indexing page which shields you from ID theft, deplatforming, ban and more.
bitchute A good place for me to have my tech vids available after youtube
github Everything as code, that is my motto and mojo
gitlab All my private repos and projects, hackers are welcome.
medium On medium, nothing yet.
quora If you know what quora is. I hope you do.
reddit Pretty boring really; my page, not reddit.
stackexchange If (U==genius) or (U==Non_IT_Guy): return f"{U} don't know stackexchange"
stackoverflow If (U==genius) or (U==NoCoder): return f"{U} don't know stackoverflow"
youracclaim Few of my badges and certifications are here to see
youtube I make some tech vids here, when time permits...
youtube This channel of mine, should not exist, I put whatever I like here. boring really...
facebook My facebook page
instagram Mostly coffee, food, this, that and a bit of me too...
linkedin All my colleagues have one, so do I.
paypal It is your fault that it is empty
tumblr Gotta put something there.
tumblr Another no good tumblr page of mine
twitter Where I hangout to tweet out about the tech that interests me